How Does Internet Affect Society

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The birth of internet has caused a big impact for human kind. It has been used since 1950s by many people for many things like, communicating, working, and many more. It could help us to make our daily activity become faster, easier, and even cheaper compare to physical material, like newspaper, or physical books. Unfortunately, nowadays many people used internet too often so that they got some several problems. The impacts of internet in the society has affects us physically and mentally. For this reason, people need to take a step in learning the impact of using internet too often or addiction towards internet, i.e., some health, culture, and social problems. Addiction towards Internet can damage our health mentally and physically, according to “” addiction caused by internet can affect it's user health in physical and mental ways. Addiction towards internet affect us mentally like feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression and many others, but in physically ways it can cause backache, headache, disturbances in sleep, and some more. People that have addiction toward Internet used to lost track of time for the day and keep using internet for something that is not productive for them like gaming, watching YouTube, or just opening social media every time. As a human we need enough energy so that our day will be…show more content…
Internet actually can be very useful, entertaining, and helpful for the society. Unfortunately, many people can't handle it so they get addicted and start to absorb the negative impacts from the internet more than the positive impact. People should stop and get out from this addiction or else our generation will be in danger so start to do something productive, find new thing outside the internet, and interact with people more. Internet is not bad, it's just depends on the way you use
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