How Does Internship Influence My Career Plan

1407 Words6 Pages THE INFLUENCE OF INTERNSHIP ON MY FUTURE CAREER PLANS Internship will definitely influence my career plans because internship can be an excellent way of getting our foot in the door with a company we may particularly want to work with. I think that acquiring work experience is a valuable tool used to gain access into a particular profession. My internship experience enables me to make more realistic and informed decisions about my career path following graduation. Job opportunities in the accounting occupation are very competitive and organizations tend to hire applicants for accounting positions who possess the most relevant experience to the job position. My internship in accounts department is a great opportunity for my successful career. And I am…show more content…
Internship benefits both the student in the classroom & the young professional in the workplace post-graduation. An internship may even help students decide if their intended career is one they actually want to pursue. Furthermore, virtually all discussions of internship programs mention clarification of career choice as a major function & justification. Helping students clarify & assess their career goals is a primary goal of internship programs. In addition to providing students with real workplace experience, internships enhance student’s development. Vocational development, intellectual development, personal growth & community service are four major functions of internships. Students are able to gain experience in public speaking & voicing opinions to fellow co-workers. They are given the opportunity to observe the word of others & learn from their own job responsibilities. By absorb their self in internship students gain a sneak peek into what their future careers in a particular field. Working in these real world businesses & organizations give interns the career related job acquisition, interpersonal & communication skills that classroom

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