How Does Jack Mature In Lord Of The Flies

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The desire for power can make a person do the unthinkable. When you want to be in control your impulse can guide you to do or say something that under ordinary circumstances would never cross your mind. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding’s character, Jack, always wants to be in control so when he sets his mind to do something he will get it done no matter what he has to do. At the beginning of the book Jack intends to hunt for survival. As it gets later on he starts getting better at it and begins to enjoy it. Jack goes from being a boy in power to what he thinks is a man who is savage. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses Jack’s transformation into a complete savage to illustrate that one can no longer be held back without any rules …show more content…

The boys have now developed a daily routine and are talking about the “beastie” lurking around the island. Jack is now obsessed with the idea of killing a pig, so he paints his face and approaches the jungle chanting, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.’ Ralph watched them envious and resentful. Not till they flagged and the chant died away, did he speak. ‘I’m calling an assembly.” (p.75) Jack is so intent on killing this pig, he is leading a chant about how they’re going to kill it. He describing ways of over kill. He has no remorse and is starting to enjoy the killing of the pigs, that he doesn’t care about anything else going on on the island and with the other boys. The rumor about the beast has become more serious than it did before, and Jack is starting the believe in it too. Jack calls a meeting and talks about the beast. All the boys are arguing and someone says to Jack, “He’s not a hunter. He’d never have got us meat. He isn’t a prefect and we don’t know anything about him. He just gives orders and expects people to obey for nothing.” (p. 126) When Jack gets called a coward he gets embarrassed and angry because he knows that he’s not the one in control right now. He thinks that Ralph is not a good hunter, so he calls him out on it and asks the boys if Ralph should even be chief anymore. Jack wants to be in power so he takes charge and leaves. On Ralph’s tribe, they are working to build a new signal fire, but during the night many of them sneak away to be on Jack’s tribe. Jack gathers everyone together and says, “We’ll hunt. I’m going to be chief.’ They nodded, and the crisis passed easily.” Jack knowingly leaves everyone else so he can be chief and run things his own ways, and he is successful in doing so. When Jack reveals his plan to the boys about them hunting and he being chief, the

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