How Does Jane Austen Create Hope In Persuasion

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Life is tough; it’s a roller coaster that has suspense-filled climbs and dreadful, heartstopping free falls. When the cart of the coaster reaches the bottom, and the engines fail, and the lights dim, it can seems impossible that the coaster can climb back up the rungs. During the times of misery and the times of sorrow, the only string that keeps people from collapsing is hope. Hope for a better world, hope for a better life, hope for a better tomorrow. Though most of Jane Austen’s works are revolved around love, Persuasion would not have the love story without hope. It was hope that brought Anne’s beloved back to her and hope that all love was not lost that brought her back to him.
Another fundamental part of human nature is that each and every one of us makes mistakes, and when we do, we try our best to correct our mistakes or learn from them. The main character, Anne Elliot, thinks that the biggest mistake that she believes she made in her life is refusing the hand of Frederick Wentworth. Seven year later, still unmarried, Anne still feels the regret over her decision but life throws a curveball at her: fate places Commander Wentworth (now Captain Wentworth) back into her life and he too is unmarried. Captain Wentworth seems to be infatuated with Louisa, a friend of Anne, which furthers drives away
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Persuasion is also a book about love lost and reclaimed through much pain and sorrow. The plot is detailed and riveting, and the characters grow and change. In my humble opinion, this is a book of wonders! Filled not only with love but with hope, I would recommend this to whomever would like to read a timeless novel about love and friendship. I believe that love is not possible if there is no hope, as hope is what paves the road for love. Do you agree that hope is this important? Or is it another idea that makes it possible for
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