How Does Jay Gatsby Corruption

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Jay Gatsby lives his life through corruption, devotion, and his resolve to control.
Gatsby has a firm devotion for things and people he desires; he feels that if he achieves material wealth, he can live a countless life. Gatsby corrupts himself due to his yearning for social status and wealth, as Nick says; “his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents” (104). The idea of his imagination not accepting his parents shows his yearning for wealth. By using the term imagination, it suggests that Jay Gatsby, is just part of Jay Gatz’s imagination, created for social status. In the way that Nick suggests his imagination disapproving of his parents proves that Jay Gatsby, a generated ego, does not accept his parents as his own because of his imagined status and wealth. The society
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In order for Gatsby to achieve material wealth, he finds himself overwrought with unauthorized money. Gatsby displays examples of moral corruption through his procurement of wealth. Gatsby’s business is not strong; he admits to Nick that he is “in the drug store business” (95). During the prohibition era, which synchronizes with the “Roaring 20s”, the drug store business was also known as bootlegging. Bootlegging was a profitable business and was usually linked to gangsters, much like Meyer Wolfsheim, Gatsby’s business partner. Gatsby also displays his corruption of wealth and power when Nick and Gatsby are driving; Gatsby easily evades the authority of the police with a
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