How Does Jay Gatsby Fulfill The American Dream

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald shows how Jay Gatsby tries to fulfill the ideals of the American Dream. When Gatsby was young, he set goals and worked hard to improve. He pursued the typical American dream of gaining wealth, finding a companion, and being admired by others. Gatsby thought it was best to try and change everything about himself. He wears a thick mask of lies throughout the story, hiding his past, changing his name, suppressing his emotions, and even adapting his word choice. Gatsby represents the American Dream throughout the story, he works hard towards rewarding achievements but is let down, because others would rather have money, power, and society’s approval. Jay Gatsby grew up in a poor family from North Dakota. As a farm child he worked hard and followed the American dream. He wanted to escape the poor farm life and make a name for himself. He wanted to be someone that was looked up to by others. His name changed from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby early on in his pursuit of the American dream. This name change was a fresh start for Gatsby. Along with his name he changed his past, telling Nick he came from money in…show more content…
Part of the American dream is finding love and raising a family. Gatsby’s hard work was fueled by the dream of Daisy. Gatsby had never loved a girl like this one. He was so infatuated with her that he even said, “Her voice is full of money," (Fitzgerald). Gatsby loves his money and ultimately just to hear her voice brought extreme emotion to him. They were once in love, before the war. But, after Gatsby leaves Daisy finds a new man. A man with money that could give her anything she desired. Everything except love that is. Gatsby could give her love at the time, but not money. After Daisy moved on, Gatsby set out to make his millions to win her back. Gatsby meets her years later and gives her a choice of money or love. Daisy reveals her true colors by pursuing the
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