How Does Jem Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem and Scout 's perception of courage drastically changes their behavior as they mature. They learn a lot about courage throughout the novel from their father Atticus and what they learn from him influences their choices and opinions. Although Jem is older than Scout, they both experience change in their behavior. At the beginning of the novel, Jem is still a young boy. He is defiant towards Atticus, he plays all the usual childhood games with Scout and Dill, and he engages in the younger children’s obsession with Boo Radley. As the novel progresses, Jem becomes less defiant and more understanding of adults. Jem witnesses the physical and moral courage of his father before and during the trial of…show more content…
This change occurs over time throughout the novel as she matures. Her perception of tolerance influences the choices she makes and the opinions she has. Prior to the trial, there are older characters that try to teach Scout tolerance. For example, after Scout beats up Walter Cunningham Jr. for getting her in trouble at school, Jem breaks up the fight and apologetically invites Walter over for dinner. Later, during their meal together, Walter pours syrup on his vegetables and meat. Scout asks him “what in the sam hill” he is doing and Walter ducks his head and puts his hands in his lap, seemingly embarrassed. Atticus shakes his head at her disapprovingly and then Calpurnia asks to see her in the kitchen. Calpurnia informs Scout, “There’s some folks who don’t eat like us,” she then goes on to say, “but you ain’t called on to contradict ‘em at the table when they don’t. That boy’s yo comp’ny and if he wants to eat up the tablecloth you let him, you hear?” This event shows Scout’s intolerance of people at the beginning of the novel. During Tom Robinson 's trial, Scout learns a great deal more about tolerance. She learns to accept the way other people live. As well, she learns about the intolerance that some other people have. Scout’s perception of tolerance throughout the novel changes her behavior. Her choices and opinions are
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