How Does Jem's Life Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Scout is now forty six and living in Colorado, she’s a grammar school teacher and a mother of two. She’s been married for 19 years with Henry Stub, a pediatrician. Living in a country style community she learns to ride horses and raise farm animals. Her two daughters Amilia and Catrina would help in the farm all the time as children but now they are grown with their own lives. Now it’s just the two of them, Scout and Henry and their farm animals. Scout’s planning to visit Jem, her brother who stayed in Maycomb to help his father before he died of bone cancer. He never left; he lives in the same house when he and his sister were growing up. Without a doubt Jem followed in his father’s footsteps and became a lawyer. He’s also married living a prodigious life. Jem has no kids but works part time as a counselor for youths at a nearby church. Him and Scout are still very close and contact each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately distance and their engaged lives have kept them from seeing each other. May 21st couldn’t come any sooner for these two siblings because this is the day that Scout will be in town after eighteen long years. The freshness of the air felt the same as if she had never left, the trees looked as if they never aged, and time seemed as…show more content…
They talked about all the people in town, the new, and the old. Jem asked about Scout’s girls. “They are great, thank God”. “Amilia is almost done with her doctor degree and Catrina is in the middle of graduating college but still hasn’t made up her mind about which University she wants to attend”. “Great to hear” Jem said. “I hope they haven’t forgotten about their old uncle”. “No, they always ask about you and Amilia is planning on visiting Maycomb next summer” Scout replied. “That would be amazing, I would love to see my nieces in person rather that in a picture” Jem explained. It was midnight when Jem and Scout said Good night to each
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