How Does John Green Present Juxtaposition In Paper Towns

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Paper towns “Paper towns” is a novel written by John Green in 2008. The novel follows Quentin and his view on his next-door neighbor Margo. He has to distinguish between perception, reality and Authenticity. The prologue of “Paper town” takes place in a suburb located in Orland, Florida, U.S.A. called Jef-ferson Park. The suburb used to be a navy base and is named after it’s previous owner called Dr. Jefferson Jefferson. Jefferson Park is described as the usual suburb, with cul-de-sac roads and play-grounds. Just like Malvina Reynolds said back in 1962, little boxes and they all just look the same. When he describes Jefferson Park’s history, we’re given the sense that Jefferson Park is unique and specific, when in reality it is one of countless suburbs in Orlando. John Green’s…show more content…
He thinks of Margo as an event or force in his life — a “miracle” that happens to him — rather than as a person whose existence is separate from his. Margo and Quentin are very different. When they discovered the dead man, it was like an intrusion on Quentin’s innocence, breaking up their play date. However, Margo’s fascination with the body and apparent comfort in the presence of death suggests she is not so childlike as Quentin is himself, or as he remembers her. Quentin had a conversation with his therapist mother, and went to bed the following night after the discovery of the dead man. Suddenly Margo appears at his bedroom window and tells him she has done some investigation about the dead man. Quentin later concludes that Margo always loved mys-teries. “Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.” His reference to her love of myster-ies, her desire to be a mystery, suggests that Margo has an active desire to evade others’ understand-ing of her mind. Figuratively speaking “to have that glass window always between her and the rest of the

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