How Does John Proctor Mature In The Crucible

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Some characters grow throughout a story. As the story progresses, the character discovers a new direction in his or her life. Often times this new found sense of self is the result of a difficult time in one’s life. As is the case of John Proctor in The Crucible. His act of adultery displayed in the beginning of the play is overshadowed by the ending where he decides to keep his integrity. John Proctor committed adultery with Abigail Williams before the play begin. However, nobody knew, except John Proctor, his wife Elizabeth, and their servant girl, Abigail Williams. This act proves to be an issue, for example, Elizabeth begins to suspect of John and Abigail so she sends Abby off. John confesses to his actions However, the tension is still tangible in the Proctor’s house and Elizabeth is still saddened by this event. As a result, John is easily angered because his wife is still suspicious of him. Another …show more content…

He is arrested for witchcraft and for trying to overthrow the court. However, his integrity is perhaps, the most important characteristic that he possesses. For example, when Elizabeth comes to talk to him, he pleads for her forgiveness for his wrongdoings and they forgive each other. He finally fully acknowledged the sin and left his pride aside to offer his most sincere apology. Shortly after, his final action also proved his newly found goodness. He was ready to lie to stay alive but to make his confession official, he had to sign an official document which would be made public to all. John’s name had already been tainted with the lechery revelation and now everyone would know he had admitted to dealing with the devil also. In memory of those who died, he chose to keep the last shred of dignity he had left and ripped the signed document. John had finally found something pleasing about his character, and he was going to die protecting this recently discovered

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