How Does Johnny Build Suspense In The Outsiders

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Johnny Cade plays the most important role in the story. Because without him there would be no climax and rising action.Without Johnny Ponyboys grades would never had dropped. Without Johnny there would be no suspense. In this essay I will prove to you why Johnny plays/ is the most important character in “The Outsiders,” Without Johnny there would be no climax because the climax was when the church caught caught on fire and the rising action was when Johnny killed Bob. If Johnny was not in the story or was not a main character in the novel then Bob would never had tried to kill Ponyboy or he would never had tried to attack Johnny and Ponyboy after the movie scene in “The Outsiders.” Without johnny in the story the church would never…show more content…
This is because as stated in the first point without Johnny, Bob would never had died and that is where most of the suspense occurs because the reader is thinking about what will happen to Johnny and Ponyboy next. Also, suspense builds up when the church goes on fire and Johnny jumps into the building to save the little kids, let's say that without Johnny the church still went on fire, but since Johnny was never there to jump into the building not much suspense would build up in the reader's mind because Ponyboy would never had jumped into the burning building without Johnny being there. That concludes my reasons of why Johnny plays the most important role in the outsiders. Once again my main points were there would be no main problem without Johnny because he was the main person to start the main problem. Ponyboy would have gotten a scholarship without Johnny being in the story because Johnny distracted Ponyboy from the story because after Johnny had died Ponyboy was extremely sad and stressed because he lost his closest friend. Without Johnny the reader would not be thinking, “what will happen next?” the reader will not be thinking that because nothing very suspenseful happens in the story without Johnny
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