Graduation Speech: Plead For The Conviction Of All

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Ladies and Gentleman, I stand here today to plead for the attention of all. Today is another day in which justice fails to convict the right person. It pains me to observe, case after case in which no success is made. The justice nowadays is unfair, incorrect and uncertain. Seeing law infringement all around, aches me. I believe, with all my heart that Meredith McCartney is innocent. Not only innocent, but unfairly accused of an extremely severe crime. Justice cannot fail to succeed once again. Meredith McCarthy has not committed a crime and you should all know. Would you like to die suffering because of the crime someone else has done? Moreover, die suffering, unfairly accused of an atrocity in which your loved one was brutally killed? People of the justice, I beg for the use of common sense. I strongly believe we are here today to find justice and to seek the truth. No matter what in you pursues the truth, make sure it is the legitimate truth. It is hard…show more content…
Have you been seeking the truth? What in you seeks the truth? What do you think is right? Accusing an innocent women of a brutal murder or continue to look for the real criminal? Justice may be unfair but it is now up to us to make a change; to make this unreliable justice fair for once. We must not convict Meredith. Jury, if Meredith McCartney is convicted of the death penalty, good luck going to bed at night! Good luck because the thought of convicting an innocent woman to death will remain in your head. It is our time to change now; make the world understand that for every wrong action there will be a punishment. Meredith is innocent; the punishment must go to the real criminal. Do not convict Meredith McCartney. We will find the guilty assassin and when it happens the truth will come out just as Winston Churchill claimed: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it
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