How Does Kelly Create Suspense In The Foxglove Killings

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I was a little hesitant to try this one for two reasons, even though I loved the sound of it. One, Young Adult Mystery stories are very hit or miss with me. I don 't like it when I know who the bad guy is before the main character does; it takes all the fun out of it in my opinion. Two, I hate it when synopsis are written in the first person. It generally gives no sense of what the story is about and is just plain confusing. However, I thought I may as well give it a go, because I have absolutely loved all of the upcoming Entangled Teen books. Despite my reservations, The Foxglove Killings nailed it. Kelly was great at creating a tense and frightening atmosphere while also maintaining minimal consistency errors. From the start of the novel, she is building the action. Sometimes it works to take things slow, but other times, its nice getting caught up in it straight from the beginning - sort of like Vampire Academy. Not that I am comparing it to Vampire Academy is any way, for there is neither vampires nor an academy involved - just an instant start to the action and adventure. Kelly 's method of keeping us in suspense was amazing, she never gave a piece of information that wasn 't relevant to the…show more content…
Nova wants to be a detective someday, which sort of fits perfectly with the situation she is thrown into. She is smart, fierce, vulnerable, and thick skinned all at the same time. I actually really liked her even though I had a hard time getting into her head at first. When you have such a developed character, like Nova, the little things that would normally bother me had absolutely no effect. Sure, I still got annoyed with her sometimes, but it no was nowhere near the scale of making me want to quit the book like some others have before There were so many great characters all packed into this one story, I think Kelly deserves some serious acknowledgement for that

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