How Does L Engle Show Friendship In A Wrinkle In Time

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Question: How does L’engle reveal friendship to be a powerful force against Evil in the novel?

In the novel, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle, the main character, Meg, took part in an interstellar journey with her loved ones to find her long-lost father. With many characters at stake, the friendship and even love between them provided support and confidence to one another in times of great stress. Later in the story, the protagonists were faced with great evil from The Black Thing and IT. However, the previously mentioned bonds held them together. Furthermore, the friendships gave rise to forgiveness, securing the relationships even after one had not performed to his ability.
Throughout their journey, the protagonists assisted one another in times when it was depressing for all. This was due to the strong relationships between them. Without this notion, they would have probably given up before Evil had appeared. On page 85, Mrs. Which restored the children’s confidence by saying firmly, “We will continue to fight!” This made the children “stand
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In chapter 9, Meg, her father and Calvin were falling desperately into the pulsating rhythm of IT. Even though they were all on the edge of losing consciousness, they still shouted encouraging phrases to one another. These seemingly subtle words made them stronger against IT, buying them enough time to tesser to safety. During the climax, Meg overcame the powers of IT and restored consciousness in Charles Wallace; this could not have been done without the love Meg had for him. This was proven rather directly in the quote on page 198, “Love. That was what she had that IT did not have. She had Mrs. Whatsit’s love, and her father’s and her mother’s and the real Charles Wallace’s love, and the twins’, and Aunt Beast’s. And she had her love for
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