How Does Lady Macbeth Change Throughout The Play

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Lady Macbeth has a huge role in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. In the play we find a very frightening and strong female character. She is the wife of Macbeth and becomes queen later on. In the play she has a manipulative and ruthless characteristic. At the start of the play, she is very ambitious and plans on killing king Duncan and taking over as queen with her husband as king.We can see her lust for power and how that she has a more stronger personality at the start than her husband Macbeth does. She seems very okay with the idea of murdering the king. She really wants to go through with it and wants Macbeth to kill the king to go through with her plans as being queen. she immediately see’s how that her husband Macbeth isn 't as ambitious and strong minded as she is …show more content…

This tactic works for her as she get Macbeth to go through with the killing of King Duncan. There are times where Macbeth is very hesitant in killing the king and but she uses her emasculating tactics to make him feel that he has to go through with the murder to feel more masculine and prove himself of his manhood . One example of how she uses this tactic is by questioning his manhood. Although cruel, this tactic works and makes her husband murder King Duncan. One example in the play where she uses this tactic is when she says that she wish she were a man so she can do it herself. One quote from the play where lady Macbeth uses her manipulating skills is “Why, worthyThane,You do unbend your noble strength, to think So brainsickly of things”. Another quote from the play where she uses the same tactic is “ but screw your courage to the sticking-place and we will not fail”. After the murder, lady macbeth calms macbeth’s nerves as his guilt starts to get to him. She know that Macbeth can ruined the plan if he keeps acting mad in front of people and keeps making it look suspicious. As the play continues,we see how the guilt starts getting to her. She starts to become mad all because of her guilt that she

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