How Does Langston Hughes Use Situational Irony In Life Is Fine

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Life is Fine by Langston Hughes, is a ballad that describes someones sad, inner feelings. You shouldn 't suppress your inner feelings, they can build up, and like a volcano erupt. Langston Hughes uses poetic devices like situational irony, and repetition. Situational Irony is when the situation turns out to be the opposite of what we expect. Situational Irony is shown when Langston wrote; " Though you may see me holler, and you may see me cry I 'll be dogged sweet baby if you gonna see me cry. " Langston changed the course of the poem because the character changed the whole situation over his " baby ". Langston also uses repetition, or the repeating of words or phrases. Repetition is shown when when Langston writes; Life is Fine,
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