How Does Language Affect English

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Speaking is crucial in communication. In teaching process, when students learn how to speak in classrooms, they get motivated and the target language attract students’ attention. In today’s world, many students can’t attain the desired level in speaking classes despite being exposed to English for a long time. In Turkey, the situation isn’t different. The purpose of this study is to discuss improving students’ speaking skills both in Sociolinguistics and ELT context. This study intends to highlight communication strategies to meet learners’ needs taking into account native and non-native teachers. In this study, students’ attitudes toward English in Turkey and the way teachers promote their speaking skills will be dealt with. Background This topic is important especially for teachers to provide right activities in the right way. Students should have the chance to practice the target language, learning speaking skills is not enough. When students practice the target language, they need motivation. It’s known that students may have instrumental or integrative orientations. Gardner and Lambert proposed these orientations and it’s believed that students who have integrative motivation perform better especially in speaking classes. Thanks to integrative motivation, students can have positive attitudes toward English. If students are motivated,…show more content…
Gender and age factors shape their attitudes. At the end of this study, Karahan concluded that students want to have more fluent and accurate English speaking skills. They wish that they could speak fluent and accurate English. However, they feel lack of confidence when speaking. On the other hand, they don’t want to have English course books. They are not so willing to participate in steps at the expected level in order to learn the English language and they are less tolerant to the use of English among
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