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Society expresses the world view in their language and world view can be shaped by the culture and language that is common in particular society. Language is applicable in a given society to express and sustain culture and cultural associations that exist in a given society. These deeply interrelated features of language and culture gives me a base to my essay to show how language express culture and culture governs how we use language. WE may say that Language is what the members of a particular society speak. However, speech in almost any society can take many very different forms, and just what forms we should choose to discuss when we attempt to describe the language of a society may prove to be a contentious matter. When two or more people communicate in speech we may call the system they speak a language. But speaking of a language and knowing of a language…show more content…
The meanings behind the chant express the culture of that society in this case the culture of war. As Donald N. Lavine saide:

“The Manze code asks that a man be ready to defend his land and church by force.
…..the Manze’s disposition is notoriously aggressive, for his emotional life is relatively devoid of warmth and, on the other hand, fighting is so highly rewarded.” (1972: 40) The meaning of the war chant language expresses the culture of that specific society. But this may not be restricted to the Manze society but other societies may share it depending on their cultural background and experience.The following is a good specimen of Manz shillala:

Agarachin mama agaratchn Lalo wanzatchn Dangaze; Man abatu yazzal imbi senile gize

Our land is Mama, our land is Lalo, our stream is Dangaze: What father will order us when enbi we

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