How Does Language Influence Identity

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The written task relates to language and cultural context, which is developed through the topic of identity. My written task is developed through my learning of how language as well as, my awareness and knowledge of how modern technology has altered both individual and public identity. With regard to the topic of identity, we discussed how the English language in music lyrics specifically can alter and create social identities, the way in which language is used in a song can have an influence on our identities, as well as the different ways modern devices have an influence on identities. In relation to the topic of music lyrics, the class analyzed lyrics from the bands such as, The Beatles and Oasis and their influence on public
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Yes, as I just mentioned, social factors have always had an impact on the development of self-identity, but they had been, up until recent and latest technological advances and devices that nowadays have altered our identities. With reference to the message, part of human nature is the need to ‘fit’ and so once a few people like or dislike something for instance a modern technological device such as the Iphone then lots of people find the strength to join in, and purchase this item especially if those who are speaking out have similar beliefs which emphasises how modern technology has altered our identities. In previous generations, some of the social factors that have altered our identities were parents, schools, peers, extracurricular activities, communities, because all of these gave us messages about how we should perceive ourselves and who we were. But now, in this social world where the alteration of our identities is influenced by the latest technology, self identities in this generation of young people and, in fact, anyone who is deeply immersed in popular culture and media, are now shaped by social factors in two…show more content…
For many people their identities have been altered because, people ask them questions on social media that causes some to reflect on how they perceive themselves. We come to see our identities as those we would like to have as seen on social media or that we want people to see rather than who we really are. We then feel compelled to promote these identities through social media. The line between person and persona, private and public self become blurred or erased completely and the so-called self-identity becomes a means of our acceptance and status.
In relation to the topic of how modern technology has altered our identities, nowadays modern technology has replaced many humans; technological machines have now taken some jobs which used to be done by humans. Many packing firms have employed machines on production lines to increase production efficiency, this relates to the message because many people who used to have jobs at these firms now feel unfortunate and have to perceive that with improvement of technology it can alter their
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