How Does Lather And Nothing Else By Hernando Tellez Create Suspense

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Is It Suspenseful? All people have had an enemy at some point in their lives, and this enemy helped them make the right choices. In “Lather And Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez, a fictional short story that shows suspense. The barber thinks about the consequences of murdering Captain Torres. The barber is a rebel spy, who is there to spy on captain Torres, who is an enemy to the barber. The barber is in a conflict the entire story on whether or not to kill captain Torres. Tellez uses point of view, and motif to build suspense in the story. Tellez creates suspense using point of view because it was in the first person point of view told by the barber, and if it was a different point of view it would have a different effect. The author creates …show more content…

The barber was “shaking like a real murderer. A stream of blood would spill from his neck”(Tellez 2). The story was written from the barber’s point of view which makes the story more suspenseful since the readers aren’t aware of the Captain’s thoughts. The barber fears that the Captain will kill the barber if the captain finds that out the barber is a rebel spy. As the story continues suspense and the barber’s anxiety increases. Consider the story was written in any other point of view the readers would not get the same suspenseful effect, especially at the end of the story. As Captain Torres left he says, “They kept saying you would kill me”(Tellez 2). As the story went on the readers had no clue what the captain was thinking, and only that he was having a good shave. We only knew the bad anxiety that the barber was having because the barber didn’t know whether to kill the caption or not. Supposing

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