Leadership Behavior And Motivation

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How Leadership Behaviour May Influence Motivation of Individuals in an Organisation

Organisations today face strong competition which creates many challenges. For this reason, every organisation must make use of the full potential of its employees, and leadership plays a crucial role in the process. It is considered that leadership is the key aspect in directing all organisational components towards efficient accomplishment of organisational goals (Burns, 1978). Leadership behaviour has at least two major influences that affect how individuals carry out duties in their organisations. These influences include: 1) the type of leadership that exists, and 2) personal motivation.

The major focus
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Thus, the understanding of motivation is a great management’s means in achieving organisation’s goals. To be precise, understanding the behaviour, directing, changing, and controlling the behaviour in organisations are all essential requirements for effective leadership aimed at achieving organisation’s goals, mission, and vision (Blanchard, 1993). Motivated and fulfilled individuals can ensure growth of an organisation in a vibrant and highly uncertain environment because of the strong influence leadership has on employee’s performances and their involvement in achieving organisation’s goals (Hellriegel et al., 1992). This has encouraged numerous researches which have tried to give an answer to which leadership approach is the most suitable. This pursuit has resulted in important leadership theories - from trait theory, through the behavioral and contingency theory, to the contemporary approaches to leadership such as transactional, transformational, interactive, and servant leadership. This assignment intends to establish the role of transformational leadership style in motivating individuals in an organization to be committed to their…show more content…
It can lead to complete growth of an organisation if employees are fully motivated. Leadership behaviour can bring inspirational motivation that comprises the formation and presentation of an attractive vision and future of an organisation and the exhibition of confidence and passion. Leaders sacrifice for the benefit of the team, setting a personal good example and demonstrating high ethical principles can greatly add value to an organisation. Furthermore, leader’s behaviour that gives support, training and problems awareness to employees can make an organisation stands out from its
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