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Recently the global environment changed rapidly. Daft (2011) mentioned that today’s organizations are facing the issues such as globalization, outsourcing, advancing technologies, e-business and etc. which cause by rapid change of the external environment. These changes actually cause a large impact to the organizations and they are forced to adapt new environment. Therefore, the previous stable manage style are no longer effective in this competitive world. Daft (2011) also stated that leaders are responsible to monitor the followers and the organization along the change process. Lead creatively and innovatively are the future trends for the leaders. The creativity and the innovative of the leaders can improve the effectiveness
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Some leadership style can lead to a success or failure, but there are also leadership style that hinders the development of the organization. This showed that leadership cannot always be effective. Sethuraman and Suresh (2014) supported Popa (2012) statement. They claimed that the most appropriate leadership style depends on the situation. One effective leadership style may effective to certain situation, but turn to ineffective when apply to another situation. Thus, they summarised that the effectiveness of the leadership actually depend on the…show more content…
It is essential to the organization especially during this complex environment. Tariq et al. (2011) mentioned that high adaptability can help the organization gain competitiveness advantages. This is because the adaptive leader can recognise the change of the environment and prepare to perform better which can lead to sustain the competitive advantages among the competitors. The adaptability also important when the organization is facing a diversity of the workforce (Yukl & Mashud, 2010). Yukl and Mashud (2010) stated that followers are usually difference from their experiences, ability, needs and etc. At the same time, the leader has to use the most appropriate leading style to lead the followers. Therefore, the leader has to adapt their leading style depended on the difference of the followers in order to complete the task effectively. Other than diversity, adaptive leader also important while facing unusual event (Yukl & Mashud, 2010). This is because they can take the most appropriate action rapidly to minimise the effects on the

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