How Does Lee Present Racism In A Raisin In The Sun

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Racism in A Raisin in the Sun
A Raisin in the Sun reflects life in Southside Chicago during the 1950’s. Racism still occurred during this time period and viewed as a common way of living. The Younger’s were an African American family who were treated no different than the rest of the black community, inhumanely. This play portrays the common struggled faced by African Americans who seek nothing more than to better their lives and to truly have an opportunity to acquire the American Dream. In A Raisin in the Sun, the usage of symbolism, imagery, and characterization, are promoted throughout the play to assist the demonstration of how racism can completely affect a family.
To begin with, the Younger’s family consisted of 5 members. Lena or “mama” who was the mother of Walter and Beneatha, Ruth the wife of
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As a person of color in the 1950’s finding decent employment seemed nearly impossible. Only jobs available for African Americans were ones whose purpose was strictly to serve or attend a white person’s needs. “Lena and Ruth are maids who work for white women and Walter is the chauffeur of a white man.” (Tayebeh Nowrouzi, Sohila Faghfori and Esmaeil Zohdi) As a human being, it’s frustrating to want to be successful in life, but be rejected for a reasoning that’s out of your control to produce a metamorphosis like in skin color. Throughout the play, Walter experiences an emotional roller coaster concerning his desires that confront his reality. In continuation, his demeanor to open a liquor store, but lacking financially causes his temper to procure out of hand. His negative and ruthless attitude towards his family compelled them to feel utter disappointment in the future that awaits them as a whole. As the play continues, mama’s love for gardening is introduced to the audience. Specifically, she cares for a dying plant
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