How Does Lee Present Social Inequality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird a novel written by Harper Lee, general setting in Maycomb Alabama 1930’s. The Author uses language techniques throughout the book portraying social inequality. This was mainly focused on the character Tom Robinson , there was talk about other black characters like calpurnia. However wasn’t involved intentionally in the book , but however was treated unfairly by a certain person. Aunt Alexandra a considered high class citizen of maycomb treats calpurnia like she is their maid. Jem and scout think differently of her as a mother figure and Aunt Alexandra makes it like she is just there to do everything. This was probably due to calpurnia's race which is a sign of racism. Alexandra would not want to talk about her race in front of her only because she thought she would go telling all the black folks. The most obvious inequality is caused by racism. Jem and Scout's father Atticus was dealing with a case involving a…show more content…
The Ewells were a very poor unfortunate family but money wasn't the reason the whole trial happened. They lived in a shack behind a dump right out of maycomb county. There are many questions to why Tom would pass there home everyday and Mayella would ask him for help. This time and only this time there was a problem and it only led to worse events along the way. Tom also has a bad arm so all these assumptions and lies that were said by mayella could have never happened. Mayella's father however was a drunk and apparently wouldn't touch her but that wasn't so true. Honestly all of this is really crucial to our society it’s a very important factor that they showed signs of inequality in To Kill A Mockingbird. This book covers it alot in the book behind the scenes. The dialog used in the book is very easy to understand if you pay attention. This was an important topic and an interesting topic for everyone to talk about. This should really be addressed and brought attention
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