How Does Lee Use Atticus Closing Argument In To Kill A Mockingbird

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During the trial of Tom Robinson, for being accused of raping a white women. Some people in the town turned their backs on Atticus for taken the case. Atticus took the case and has proven that Tom is innocent but as Atticus knows since Tom is a “Black Male” that he would never be treated fairly. When the closing argument comes about, Atticus tells the people on the jury that they need to look past Tom being “Black Man” and see him and treat him just as a regular man. Atticus is trying to have them do the right thing instead of listening to the town and doing the wrong thing. Atticus has a bad feeling that it's not going to end well for Tom so he tries to appeal what the jury is trying to do. Lee uses “Ethos” to show how the community is not accepting Tom Robinson due to the color of his skin. Additionally, by telling the 5e jury it’s their “God’s given duty to do the right thing” he is saying that because their judging a man of color. They have to responsibility to do the right thing under the name of god. “She was white, and tempted a negro. She did something that in our society is unspeakable: she kissed a black man .” The way Atticus is speaking he is basically saying yes, that Tom was tempted but he never broke the code. Due to this the jury should do the right thing and look past the fact that Tom is a colored man.…show more content…
Atticus also said that Mayella thought thought her hiding the evidence of her kissing a man of color on Tom Robinson would be good when he was only helping her. A good pint that Atticus questioned on Mayella was that she had so many injuries that he questioned her about it. He also said that Tom Robinson was injured man that he couldn’t possibly injured her, a lot of options were cut down and it came to the truth in who abuse Mayella. It was Mayella's father Bob
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