How Does Lenina Use In Brave New World

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“A gram is better than a damn,” is a statement that reflects the mindset of contemporary America to use drugs to palliate the problems rather than dealing with them. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley shows the relationship of drug usage in the near future by alluding the use of drugs to the real world. Huxley creates a drug, soma, in his novel that makes a person who takes it instantly becomes tranquil. This drug is commonly used throughout the novel by giving an instant source of gratification and also is used to control the population. Huxley’s prediction of drug usage became a reality because both legal and illegal drugs are commonly used in contemporary society. Soma was invented with an primary purpose to control the population and to …show more content…

Because the world state uses these methods to keep the masses in control, Lenina uses soma when she went to the reservation because she saw something completely different from what she is used to, so Lenina had to take soma to palliate her stress. Lenina feels calm when she is on soma; However, when Lenina ran out of soma, she became anxious. Lenina’s use of soma can relate to contemporary college and highschool students’ use of drugs. Students take drugs such as tobacco or cannabis to alleviate stress and avoid certain mental problems. These drugs not only can be a benefactor, but also can be an immense problem. Like the effects of any drug, People of the world state are reliant on the short term pleasure that soma gives. Without soma, the people of the world state become deranged and crave for soma. When John takes away the soma rations from the Delta workers, They become frantic and berserk, so this means that the Delta workers need soma because is a part of their lifestyle. The way soma is ingrained in the …show more content…

All kinds of drugs such as antidepressants can have severe side effects, yet the commercials of them state these side effects in an ambiguous manner; Most common effect of the drugs is usually death. Soma effects are explained as “Soma may make you lose a few years in time,” and this shows the deadly effect of Soma by shortening a person’s life expectancy. This statement from the Dr. Shaw shows that Soma is similar the drugs shown in commercials, can be deadly. Mustapha tells the purpose of soma by saying that “The world's stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can't get.” He explains as a way to make sure that everyone is enslaved to something that is for pleasure so they won’t have to deal with problems of the before the world state existed. Soma is always there for the people of the world state, so Cannabis and Tobacco are just as accessible as Soma. Tobacco is used in China to make profit for the government. Six percent of the income of all of China’s economy is tabacco. The purpose of both drugs in the novel and the real world plays similar role, which is to benefit the

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