How Does Len's Psychological Interpretetation Cause Him To Shoot Innocent People At School?

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When considering Len 's psychological interpretetation do you believe that Len had a mental disorder that caused him to shoot innocent people at school? Or do you believe that he was doing it to make a point, or to be noticed?

Throughout the story Len seemed to be the odd person out. He kept to himself and had a small number of friends that he hung out with outside of school such as Cameron. Len and Cameron did a number of things together, but everything they did outside of school involved shooting or getting involved in something they shouldn 't have. I remember at the end of the novel we were able to read Len 's journal that his mother wanted him to start writing in. Len made it clear that there were voices in his head that were talking to him and telling him to do things. After reading Len 's journal it came to my attention that Len might of had some sort of mental disorder that caused him to engage in the things
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I do not believe that Len 's parents thought he was having problems, or there were voices talking to him. However, I believe that Len 's mother sensed something because she had him start writing in the journal. Another thing to consider was Len 's father, who Len did not have a very good relationship with. His father was always hurting his mother physically, drank high amounts of alcohol, and liked to control the family. I believe this had something to do with why Len became an active shooter at school. Len also had problems being made fun of at school, and was always being bullied by the people that he called jocks. When Len decided that he was going to go to school and shoot people and commit suicide, I believe he did this because he had a mental disorder, a bad homelife, and he wanted to make a point. The reason why I think that Len was trying to make a point is because he wrote "stop the violence" in his own blood on the
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