How Does Liesel Change In The Book Thief

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Max, Liesel, and Rudy all change over time and most changes in their characters are negative due to the Nazis forcing to change who they really are. The book “The Book thief” by Markus Zusak is a story about a German girl who’s Mom left her to be adopted and was taken in by Rosa and Hans Hubermann, shortly before the second World War. “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak uses many descriptive words and sensory details in many situations in the book, this creates many dynamic characters. Liesel wanted to read but books were hard to get and expensive. Article 26 is taken from Liesel when Nazis start burning books because she wants to educate herself and that right is taken away. Liesel “... needed to apprehend her second stolen book, even if it smoked in her hands. Even if it lit her ribs.” (pg 83.)Liesel couldn’t attain the the education she wanted to, so she ended up stealing so could learn the things she wanted to. Liesel wanted to own books, however, Article 18 of Liesel’s Human Rights was taken away. She wanted to read, therefore, own books but all the books denying Hitler or promoting the…show more content…
When the Nazis started pursuing Jewish people Max was forced to go into hiding. Max is without freedom, he is constantly living in fear, “... I Think people have been watching me…” and he has been forced into hiding and he is scared because if he is found he will most likely be killed. Max has been in hiding for two years and he is weak. Max used to be a great fighter but then he was forced into hiding and has been starving. Article 5 of Human Rights was taken from Max because he is practically being tortured not being able to eat. “Max remained hidden from the world in another empty room.” (pg 195.) The Nazis forced max and the other Jewish people into hiding and that is inhumane. Article 7 of Human Rights was taken away from Max when the nazis started killing Jewish
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