How Does Linetta Gilbert Use Inductive Reasoning

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In both of the article the authors used inductive reasoning. The article Dismantling the Poverty Trap appeals more to logic, and the other One Family 's Story Shows How The Cycle Of Poverty Is Hard To Break appeals to emotion. Inductive reasoning is when the author states the problem first, and then gives solutions to the problem. In Dismantling the Poverty Trap, Linetta Gilbert says that people in poverty have higher birth rates and maternal mortality rates than wealthy americans.”Those caught in the poverty trap have rates of infant and maternal mortality that are nearly twice as high as those of wealthy Americans.” Saying that families that are wealthier have a better chance to get the resources they need. They are more likely to get better…show more content…
She focusses on desiree’s story of how she tried to kill herself when she was 12, and went from a number of foster homes, and how that contributed to her adulthood poverty. she was raised by a single mother who was also poor and they didn’t always get along. “She was raised by a single mother, who was also poor. Metcalf says they didn 't always get along. And things came to a head when she was 12 years old."My mom and I got in a fight and she told me she was going to kill me," she recalls. "And I wrapped a belt around my neck and told her I would do it for her. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital and from there I went to foster care." The author appeals to emotion by trying to get as personal as possible as she could to…show more content…
Metcalf ended up getting pregnant and couldn’t afford to go to college. "She did come back and graduated from high school and was all set to go to college and then turned up pregnant," Rezelman says.And this is not at all unusual for girls who 've been in foster care. Nearly half become pregnant by the time they 're 19. Metcalf had a full scholarship to a university in Florida. Like many before her, she carried her poverty into adulthood, doing odd jobs with periods of homelessness and hunger. But more disturbing is that poverty is now starting to take its toll on her children, especially her eldest daughter. Metcalf says she recently tried to run away from home in the middle of the night.” This article appeals to emotion by focusing on metcalf and her story. It doesn’t focus on any other person the author is trying to tell a specific story to appeal to the reader. The way the author structures the article affects the effectiveness of the article by appealing to a certain audience. If the author focuses on one person and their struggles then they want the reader to feel the emotions of the author. They try to get as personal as possible. If the author wants to focus on the logical side of the article, they focus on numerous groups and give different solutions on how the problem can be
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