How Does Literature Impact Society

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How Does Literature Impact the Philosophies of Life
Art is not just a picture on a wall in a museum, art can come in many forms. It can be a song, a video, or a drawing. Like literature, art can be text in the form of a book or a poem. All forms of art influence you in different ways and expand your mind with new thoughts and perceptions. Art can bring you feelings and emotions you did not otherwise think you could feel. You can comprehend literature in many ways. The creator wants the piece to influence you. Art not only can impact you but can completely influence a society and shape human behavior. While to some it seem that songs, images, and videos influence you the most, it is actually books that are the most informative and influential
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Sometimes we don't even notice it. Literature's cognitive dimension helps us cope with current and future challenges by changing the way we think about ourselves, our society and even helps us question current issues within our society by providing different outlooks and opinions on something we may have thought we already knew. Pieces of literature can make the reader 'see' through the eyes of one of the characters or see another point of view. This helps us feel and develop many emotions creating empathy in our feelings and reactions. Any element of the story, meaning, the points of view, the language itself as well as the tone or mood, have roles in creating what we call emotional effects/reactions. These are the effects that literary texts whether it be a short story, novel, or a poem, triggers physiological responses. Most importantly, we focus on the ways by which literary pieces create and shape our roles we set for ourselves as a collective as well as a society. They frame our experiences, as what we perceive is our reality. When you are reading you are focusing your mind with perceptual…show more content…
The capacity to create fictional worlds, some completely different from our own or some that are similar to and related to the life of the world within which we live. One of the most important reasons to have an emotional engagement in literature is in our empathy, humility, and our imagination. Which is the reason why we are so easily able to immerse ourselves in these alternate realities when we are reading a sci-fi or a drama piece. Another example would be how poetic texts are able to rhetorically engage and manipulate our feelings. More often than not, people turn to books and poetry during hard times. There are many examples of where literature has impacted someone so much it has changed their lives. Even an entire culture can be influenced by literature. If you look at history and how we behave and interact socially you can see the influence religion has in many lives and cultures. Many religions have religious texts and pieces of literature that influence people on how they live their daily lives and their belief
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