How Does Literature Influence Literature

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In the present set up, literature is not only totally discouraged but also neglected with an undue stress on the language learning. Present writers of this age mainly focus on soft skills, communication skills etc. Which seem to be beneficial to a student’s professional growth. Undoubtedly they are needed but at the same time the importance of literature should not be ignored. In addition to proficiency in spoken skills, sound knowledge of life skills is equally important. One aspect often ignored in the current scenario is that skills of different types for professional development are acquired through literature. It all depends on the teacher to make the class innovative while using literature as a source to develop language skills. Language is a dynamic process with recurrent changes. What is useful and helpful today may become obsolete in the future. Shakespeare’s vocabulary is rich in all aspects. In his use of figures of speech, he is a great master and rich in all areas. When a student is involved in an activity where he is exposed to know the meanings literary words and flavour of figures of speech, he can enjoy the literature and writers…show more content…
Eliot once said that Shakespeare and Dante divide the modern world between them. MIT's Professor Alexander Huang points out that Shakespeare's work informed and influenced the founding fathers of the United States from Jefferson to Lincoln. He was the most influential English-language writer of the English-speaking world. Beyond that, Shakespeare shaped the English language itself. When he wrote his plays, French was considered the language of culture and English literature consisted of only a handful of works. Shakespeare modernized the English language. He introduced or recorded for the first time in his plays thousands of new words, many of which became household words. Hundreds of phrases and aphorisms - including the phrase "household words" - were also introduced in his

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