How Does Loloe Build Suspense In Harper's Island

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Suspense, it's that slow quiet moment building up fear or suspicion in your mind while watching a movie or reading a book right before something important happens. The T.V. series Harper's Island demonstrates this perfectly when a couple, and their group of friends go to an island to get married, but an old killer lives on the island and he’s looking to spill blood once again. Three ways Harper's Island builds suspense is very close up shots where you can only see a small movement or only one thing in frame, very far away quiet shots, and when you have to wait a second for something to happen but you know it's going to happen. Firstly they use really close up shots. In episode 12 when John Wakefield is in the jail cell you see a very close up shot of him undoing the belts that held his hands together, then the scene changes. So, you can only see his hands but not who or anything else…show more content…
An example of this is when Chloe jumps off the bridge to die with Cal. When she jumps you get a faraway shot of her falling to the water flat on her back but then you don't actually see her hit the water. So, you know what's going to happen but don't get to see it. Lastly they make you wait to see what happens to someone but you know what's going to happen and that is going to happen soon. The creators of Harper's Island did this when John Wakefield got out of his jail cell and got into a fight with Danny. While they were fighting Wakefield got on top of Danny on a desk and slowly pushed his head into the sharp receipt holder. But it didn't happen right away, Danny held back his head as much as he could which slowed the whole scene down and just made you wait for it to happen. So in conclusion Harper's Island did an amazing job of creating suspense from far shots that have slow sad music to close shots with fast suspenseful music. I highly recommend this show to one who loves thrillers and a bit of
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