How Does Luis Valdez Use Satire In Los Vendidos

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One example of satire in “Los Vendidos” by Luis Valdez would be the secretary asking for a Mexican-American. When the secretary first comes in she say “As I was starting to say, I’m a secretary from Governor Reagan’s office, and we’re looking for a Mexican type for the administration,”(p. 1292) but that's not really what she was looking for. What she was looking for was a person who looks, acts, and speaks American but has Mexican blood in them. It’s proven when she had denied the revolucuionario model because it was “made” in Mexico. This is an example of satire because the administration only wants a Mexican type to make it seem as though everyone is being represented.
When the Mexican-American come on and says his political speech it is both ironic and satirical. During the speech he say how the problems of Mexicans stem form them being stupid and uneducated, while at the end he goes out of control showing his patriotism for America. I believe that's the whole speech is ironic and satirical because a Mexican is saying that other Mexicans are uneducated. There is also the fact that the Mexican-American says that for a Mexican to be better he needs to think American when some Americans
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Sancho is talking about the different qualities that Johnny has, such as: getting arrested without resisting, being bilingual, his inferiority complex, stealing, and can be beaten and bruised. While talking about Johnny’s ability to speak both Spanish and English, Sancho asks him to give him an example, he says “Fuck-you!,” which the secretary didn't expect. As a response Sancho say “Well, he learned it in your school.” “This depicts satire because it shows how the American city folk society is being portrayed, showing that we mainly speak in disrespectful regards to one another. The qualities listed for Jonny also shows the how city folk are characterized by some
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