How Does Macbeth Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely As In a close reading from, Macbeth, William Shakespeare reveals to the reader, the staggering character development of the Thane of Cawdor and Glamis, and soon to be future King Macbeth. The author illustrates Macbeth as a man known to everyone as “Valour’s Minion” , and an honorable person to becoming a sadistic and cold-blooded king. As we progress in the story we see that Macbeth first taste with Murder starts with him doubting himself , and his ability in killing an innocent soul. As Macbeth’s persona begins to change, the murdering of Banquo becomes so effortless and easy, than that of King Duncan’s was , because Macbeth saw the “light” in Banquo and realized how far Banquo could threaten his kingship. As a result Jealousy and regret filled his mind when he reasoned that Banquo’s Children would inherit the throne and not his own. In the story we see that Macbeth starts to see Banquo's “light” and admits consistently that Banquo has so much things going for him and is the only real threat Macbeth sees. It is most noticeable in the story when Macbeth says…show more content…
As he gained his absolute power from the witches, it tainted something inside of Macbeth and Made him lose that thing inside that made him be called “Valor’s minion”, and that was what made him constantly second guess himself when dealing with murdering Duncan, but as the story continued, the power had began to corrupt him and made him see anyone who stood in his way to complete power as enemies and it caused him to become a crazy, cold-blooded killer, just like the instance of Banquo. As John Acton had said “Power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is evident in the life of
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