How Does Macbeth Contribute To His Own Downfall

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Everyone these days think they will stay the same with power. Even though it’s that one person that donates 1 million dollars to a charity and is the humblest to the meanest to the poor that will stay nice even with ultimate power. In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare shows a hero to everyone back home, but after getting power his mindset changes everything. The desire of power to Macbeth transforms from a loyal subject of the king into a tyrannical ruler which ultimately leads to his own downfall. In the story Macbeth, Macbeth was placed as Thane of Cawdor and was told a prophecy of being king and you see how insane, he will be just get as much power as he can over time starting from a savoir and a good guy from becoming the cruelest guy in the story. One quote that can show us when…show more content…
Getting to end of the story Macbeth has done everything to stay in power killing from killing the king framing the guards to killing his best friends and from their macbeth send people to macduff’s kingdom to kill his family. On quote for Macbeth final plays for saving his kingdom and making his final stand is when he is Macduff’s army is invading Macbeth trying to kill him Macbeth had no choice of killing Siward (V.ii.). This proves Macbeth has finally lost his cool know killing anyone in his way to try to stay in high power. Another good reason is because Macbeth doesn’t want to lose to Macduff and trying to get to him. Macbeth last quote or stand in the story is when make goes on into the war and goes ham and tries to protect his reputation, but later on meets up with Maduff and fight to the death. Macbeth has finally reached his maximum craziness because he fighting through the army them fighting Macduff causing death to fall upon him. So Macbeth wanted to end this but was mistaken but the crazy king has fallen. So in the beginning Macbeth starts as a hero but after hear the prophecy he starts becoming more and more insane over time but everyone knows bad guys never
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