How Does Magnesium Affect Society

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Magnesium is an element in the 12th group of the periodic table. When magnesium is solid it gives out a shiny grey colour. Magnesium reacts with oxygen very fast and easy making it highly combustible. The symbol for magnesium is Mg.

When magnesium reacts with oxygen it gives magnesium oxide
Magnesium + oxygen→magnesium oxide

When magnesium and oxygen react a bright, white light is formed. The bright light can been seen when magnesium and oxygen react together because when they are together heat is formed. This is why magnesium is used in items such as fireworks, flares and missile fuels in the form of powder.

When magnesium reacts with acids it gives magnesium cloride+ hydrogen gas
Magnesium+hydrocloric acid→ magnesium
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The density of magnesium is 1.740g/cm3 which means the metal will sink in water but it still a very light metal.

Chemical properties

Magnesium is a very reactive metal. The surface of magnesium metal is covered with a layer of oxide which is very thin to protect the metal from attacks by air. When magnesium reacts with oxygen it gives out a bright white light which should be looked at directly.

How magnesium impacts the society

Magnesium has a very good positive effect on the society. Magnesium especially have an effect on the people and their bodies. Firstly it helps humans from illnesses like constipation,heart failure, vomiting, diarrhea kidney dysfunction and other serious conditions.

Magnesium is also a light weight metal as stated so it can be used in many kinds of products. Firstly the work in flashbulbs to give more light and see in the dark. This also applies to the photography cameras.

Magnesium is also used in many forms of transport to make it more better. They are now used in jet engine parts, aircraft fuselage and car wheels mainly because of their light weight.
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It is capable of being shaped or bent making it very malleable. Copper can be easily pulled into a thin wire making it ductile. Copper has a shiny lustre and is a very good electrical conductor.

Chemical properties

The chemical formula/symbol for copper is Cu. Copper is dangerous in large areas as it can be poisonous. Copper does not react with water. Copper corrodes when is exposed to air. Oxidation can occur when water and carbon dioxide combine to make hydrated copper carbonate.

How copper impacts the society

Copper is a very vital part of the society. Copper is one of the most recycled metals in the world and it is also proven that copper and copper alloys can help prevent growth of bacteria and fungi.

Copper is also is many foods and liquids like water. Copper is important and vital in a humans health. It is required in daily nutrition to help in the body and improve our diet. Most people have problem is the body system in the world because of lack of copper in their diet. If they continue to be like this worse things can occur like diseases and
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