How Does Martin Luther King Jr Present Gandhi's Ideology

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Man’s Search for Purpose Throughout the world, each individual no matter how youthful or mature has developed an ideology in life. It is easy to be influenced by many intriguing ideologies. Every individual has a different outlook on the purpose of life, and trying to seek what life can bring can be difficult if you are alone or being targeted. Everyone has a burning desire to fulfill a life goal, but when we allow ourselves to be controlled by society, it becomes a difficult and stressful task to complete. Having an open mind to a wide range of diverse ideologies allows finding a purpose to be captivating. In the novel Invisible Man, the narrator struggled to find a purpose in his life. The mindset of slaves during the 1940’s was already…show more content…
For example, Gandhi's teachings of world peace influenced many individuals who later became inspirational to the world. Gandhi's ideology of world peace shaped his purpose to life, which was to make a change for to see Hindus and Muslims live together peacefully (Mohandas Gandhi). His ways of teaching influenced Martin Luther King Jr. to fight for civil rights and equality for African-Americans. Though Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. never met in person, Gandhi’s ideology had such a strong effect on him. If Martin Luther King Jr did not hear of Gandhi’s views on humanity, freedom for African-Americans might have taken longer to achieve. Being influenced by ideologies have shown to have positive outcomes, one being civil rights for blacks. Having a strong ideology can be world changing, but as an individual, it could come around and harm one. Gandhi and Martin Luther King completed their purpose in life but sadly assassinated because of their ideology. The stronger the ideology is, leads to a greater amount of danger from other individuals who are against a view. Some individuals have an amazing ideology fear failure and give up their purpose. One has to be aware of the positive and negative outcomes in finding
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