How Does Mcdonaldization Affect Society

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American sociologist, George Ritzer, uses the fast-food empire, McDonalds, as a metaphor to express his opinion towards industrialized societies. He invented the term McDonaldization, which is defined as the process by which the principles of fast-food restaurants are coming to dominate sectors of American society, as well as the rest of the world. When a person goes to eat at any McDonald’s, regardless of the location, they expect the same experience which includes: the same interior designs, same uniforms, same quick service, same prices, and same quality food. Because of this, a person is not disappointed or unsatisfied when visiting a McDonald’s location because the service always matches their expectations. Ritzer uses the four main principles…show more content…
McDonaldization has not only impacted fast-food restaurants, it has had an enormous impact on the economy and major businesses and companies. Companies are able to efficiently manufacture great amounts of the same, identical product for consumers. Although many of these developments have made tasks effortless and life easier, there are downfalls to McDonaldization despite all the positives. Because life gets easier due to advancements, people in society get lazy. This laziness in society has direct correlation to the obesity rate rising in the United States. This major health problem has been studied by sociologists and is said to be growing over the years. Aside from health issues, the development of technology has also impacted the personality of people within society. Because we are so used to having our phones, laptops, or computers working as quickly as possible, when these items are not working efficiently, we grow impatient. The advancement of technology can also be considered a negative regarding replacing human jobs. If technology gets to a point (and in some cases has already gotten to this point) where it can perform the same job a person can, there will be less jobs for individuals to
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