How Does Media Affect Society

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The lives of black men and women in the United Kingdom have long been affected by the negative perception of the society. The media played a vital role in the representation of ethnic minorities. So what is media? All forms of communication that reach a large number of people can be considered as part of the mass media. Medium refers to a single source of information or technique of passing on information. Media is simply more than one medium. Therefore, the mass media is a term used to refer to more than one source of information designed to reach out to large number of people - a mass audience. Media is also a powerful tool used to shape our ideas. According to Ralph Milliband (1973), he argued that the role of media is to shape how we think about the world that we live in. This can suggest that media can brainwash its audience and people will conform to the ideas projected by the media about ethnic minorities, in this case the black community. Hollywood movies are one of the many forms of media which is used to promote stereotypical thinking or ideas about Black British in the United Kingdom. Hollywood movies are a powerhouse in the film industry. From high level of production, amazing visual effects, a great line of movie cast and a great story and thus, having a huge mass audience. Hollywood movies are undeniably powerful, so how exactly this form of media create or promote stereotypical ideas about ethnic minorities. The media can influence their audience not only

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