How Does Media Affect The Media

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Media has a great impact towards the people especially teenager nowadays. In our generation a lot of people use media whether its for educational or entertainment purpose. Media changed the way people think. How? Not everything that is shown on the internet or television are true. It can be half true or completely false. You 'll never know unless they tell you. But people controlling media is not that stupid to tell that they are lying to you. It will result to people not believing in media anymore. Anyone can manipulate media and anyone can either believe it or not. Its up to them. But how do media change or influence the thoughts of the people? For example, your favorite singer lets say Taylor Swift has been reportedly having an affair with…show more content…
You hang out with your friends but you don 't talk with each other too much because you 're either preoccupied with your phones or laptops or any other gadgets. You see what 's happening in th society? Although media is a big help it also destroys our communication skills. We no longer take much time talking to people personally but rather we prefer talking to them through technology. We are so drowned with all this media that we forget that there is an outside world too. Anyone can stay inside their home just give them a phone or any gadget and a wifi. They 'll be happy. I will be happy. Why? Because it gives us entertainment and ease. Why would I waste my voice when I can just type it out? Why would I waste my time searching for information or assingment in the library when in just one click I can have my homework done? We always want to live life at ease. We live in a generation where google and copy & paste are so important. We rely to much on technology and media that we forget that we are so capable of doing so many things on our own. Media shouldn 't be controlling us. Its us who suppose to be controlling them. Media is created to make our life better and easier nit to destroy it. We just have to use it properly
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