Social Media Technology Isolated People

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Media Technology has Isolated People Social media and media technology have become increasingly invasive in our lives in a relatively short period of time. The world’s first computers were built in 1962, and today almost everyone carries around a more advanced, convenient version of this invention in their pockets. Then in 2003 MySpace, the first major social media network, came out and reinvented how people interacted with others. In the years following numerous more social media networks were introduced creating an entirely new world we had not experienced before. Media technology was originally intended to create a convenient network of connections, however, it now appears to isolate people more than ever from real-world relationships and…show more content…
Social media leads to an unrealistic expectation of how perfect your life needs to be. The ideal lives that people see scrolling through social media are not always the reality, but it is all that is ever posted. Saliha Afridi, a clinical psychologist and managing director of The LightHouse Arabia, says that “the internet, technology, social media, and globalization have made us more connected and aware of what others are doing, and this can lead to comparative behavior." Social media allows people to witness every detail of everyone else’s lives in real time, whereas prior to the technology age people would not know what someone else was doing until they talked face to face. The same jealousy is applicable to acquaintances now as well. Today when you meet someone and hit it off, you often exchange social media as a way to stay in touch. Then, even if you never see them again, you can follow each other’s lives and feel up to date on how they are doing. The idea is great in theory until they appear to be living a more exciting life than you. Afridi describes jealousy as “It is a part of human nature. It is a feeling of resentment towards someone because of what they have and the attention they get.” Being jealous is not an abnormal human behavior, but having the instant connection to every positive detail of everyone else’s life can be overwhelming. Social media has amplified a person’s awareness of what…show more content…
While there are positives to social media connection in businesses and other communication that may not have occurred, as Craig Newman pointed out, he did not address that it is also ultimately deteriorating our ability to have social interactions. And these will only worsen as technology becomes more invasive in our lives. Using social media to broadcast your business is also becoming increasingly difficult.
In the past, Facebook could be used as a vehicle for mass marketing, but today this is no longer the case. Trying to cast a wide net to reach out to an audience is virtually impossible, because of the breadth and intensity of the competition. Additionally, recent changes to the structure of Facebook have made this strategy virtually impossible without having to invest a great deal of money. (“The Vanishing Mass
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