How Does Media Violence Affect Society

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Media Violence & its Impact on Children’s, Society or Even at Global Level.
Recent research has shown that exposure to media violence vastly impact society & causes both children & adults to behave in a much more violent manner, disturbing them in years to come. Levels of violence are increased as children/young people grow up & become adults.
In the recent past, tests carried out have shown that exposure to media violence is attributed to major health problems among individuals including children for instance blood pressure & increased heartbeat. Its consequence is not limited to physical health it can effect mental health & social behaviors as well. Literature Review
Number of arguments brought forth as to whether or not being exposed to media violence leads to increased levels of violent & destructive behaviors amongst young people & adults as well. (Greenfield, 1984) Even though media violence is hard to define, some experts have observed violence to be an act or a threat to injure or even kill someone
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(Strasburger, 1997) The well-known saying that states that a person is what he/she watches has proven true in the recent past with majority of individuals being exposed to high levels of violence. Mass media violence commonly results in predictions of violence & violent behaviors in future. According to fresh research study, children learn through imitation, observation, thus are greatly influenced by the media. Exposure to violence in media has led to many mental health & physical problems. These problems include desensitization to violence, nightmares, depression, hostile behavior as well as being unable to sleep properly. The fear of falling victim to violent crimes has caused many adults to carry weapons such as pistols & daggers with an aim of defending themselves (Gunter,

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