How Does Medical Technology Benefits People?

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1. Introduction
Healthcare is changing dramatically for the better due to advances in research and improved use of information technology. All these advancements in technology for medical treatments has allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients since the beginning of the professional practice of medicine (Akanksha, 2014). The continuous development of technology in the medical field has saved countless lives and has also improved their livelihood. This essay is about the accessibility and affordability of medical treatment on patients. The focus of this essay is on patients in developing countries and developed countries.

Medical technologies benefit the lives of people in many ways. Through the use of such technologies, people will be more productive, live healthier and lead independent lives. Many people who may have been chronically ill, disabled, or suffering chronic pain can now look forward to leading normal or close-to-normal lives (How does medical technology benefit people?, n.d.). Such as the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Coronary stents are which artificial tubes used in cases of coronary heart disease to keep the arteries open to allow better flow of blood and thus, with this technology
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This is because, the private sector would like to earn more profit compared to the public sector where most of the subsidy comes from the government. And thus, the need of wanting to earn more profits is another key barrier to access to affordable essential medicines in developed countries. With technological advancement, this means that medical treatment will get more expensive making affordability of medical treatments and medicine even more expensive (Hogerze & Tim, 2008). Hence, the developed countries are able to afford more medical treatments compared to the developing countries and thus fewer patients are being
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