How Does Mercutio Fight

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Romeo and Juliet is a story that everyone knows even if they haven 't read it. In Act 3 even more conflict added and it starts right in Scene 1 with Mercutio and Tybalt get into a major fight . In this Scene, Mercutio and Tybalt get carried away and create bigger problems by killing Mercutio. I think Tybalt is an important character in this Scene because he definitely doesn 't mean to kill Mercutio, but Romeo completely misunderstands.

At the beginning of the scene Tybalt wants to fight Romeo because he wanted to kick Romeo out of the Capulet party, but Lord Capulet says “No, let him stay.”. When Tybalt proposes the duel to Romeo, Romeo quickly declines the duel because they have just become family members because of marriage. Mercutio steps up for his friend and accepts Tybalt 's duel. While Mercutio and Tybalt are fighting, Romeo is trying his hardest to stop the fight. When Romeo finally gets in between the two Tybalt gets the one last jab at Mercutio which punctures Mercutio. Tybalt instantly feel bad about hitting Mercutio and when he dies Romeo kills Tybalt right away with even communicating what 's going on. This play is full of
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Tybalt is a huge factor in this scene, but he doesn’t have as many lines as you may think. I feel if you were to perform this scene Tybalt 's body language would be more important than his lines. When he first walks on to the stage he needs to seem full of pride with some hint of anger. When he sees Romeo he needs to explored and then get excited to duel with Mercutio. After Romeo breaks up the fight Tybalt has to seem confused with mixed emotions because he didn’t necessarily want to hurt Mercutio.

Tybalt is a character that really keeps the play going and he does this by adding conflict for Romeo and Juliet. This scene is Tybalt last impact on the play, but his impact lasts for the rest of the play.Overall, Tybalt is always making an impact on the play even after he dies which makes him one of the most important
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