How Does Michelangelo Influence Society

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Throughout history, art has held the power to change society. Michelangelo is one of history’s most talented and notorious artists. He was extremely skilled at painting, sculpting, and architecture. Even today, the vast majority of educated people have heard of Michelangelo because of his mastery. Michelangelo has left his mark on today’s culture by incorporating psychological insight, physical realism, and artistry into his work. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known as Michelangelo, was born on March 6, 1475, in Caprese, Italy. Michelangelo 's father, Leonardo di Buonarrota Simoni, worked for the Florentine government. Michelangelo was the second of five sons between his father, and mother, Francesca Neri. Michelangelo and his family returned to Florence when he was an…show more content…
Not only did his personality and temper get him into trouble, but it made an ubiquitous distaste for the artist, who always pushed for perfection but was unable to reach it. He even fell into spells of disconsolation, which were present in many of his literary works. According to, Michelangelo once wrote: "I am here in great distress and with great physical strain, and have no friends of any kind, nor do I want them; and I do not have enough time to eat as much as I need; my joy and my sorrow/my repose are these discomforts,". ( Whilst Michelangelo never married, he was devoted to a kind and righteous widow named Vittoria Colonna. She was the focus and beneficiary of many of his 300 poems and sonnets. Their friendship continued to be a great alleviation to Michelangelo, until her death in 1547. In 1532, Michelangelo grew to care for a young nobleman, Tommaso de 'Cavalieri. Several scholars believe this was showing of homosexuality or a longing by the unmarried, childless, and aging Michelangelo for a father-son relationship.
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