How Does Migration Affect Economic Growth

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Migration and labor market institutions can be seen as a major concern in determining the impact on economic growth for both the host as well as the source country. The connections between migration and economic development have been highlighted by various researchers.
Migration can be referred to any sort of movement of people between different places. Immigration means people entering a new country while emigration would mean people leaving a certain country. Thus, the impact for both situations varies. Labor market institutions can be referred to as labor market policies which further will include labor laws and legislation, the unemployment system itself, wage setting establishments and other social benefits. A relationship between migration and economic growth can be identified.
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Hence this may have a positive impact on the economic growth.
Migration has social impact as well that is in turn linked with economic performance. Migration is not confined to the physical movement of people, but it would also include the movement of values and cultures (Castles & Miller, 2009). When the immigrants communicate with the new society, barriers such as language and norms may arise which may cause a hindrance to perform actively in the economy. Moreover the size of the immigrants as well as their demographics like age, culture, race and status will matter as well.
Immigration can have an effect on both the source and host country. The source country will lose its productive labor force which will have a negative impact on the economic activity. The extent will obviously depend on the type of skills the emigrants had and whether these people have moved temporarily or permanently in another

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