Causes Of Global Migration

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MIGRATION Global migration has major inferences for development. There are more than 215 universal migrants and over 700 million internal immigrants international. According to official it is estimated that, immigrants from developing countries sent over USD 325 billion in officially logged payments to their origin countries in 2010 which is the three times the scope of official developmental aid. Remittances flows to developing countries lingered strong throughout the recent global financial crisis compared to substantial declines in private capital flows. Contrasting commonly supposed, around half of the official global migration from the South is to other developing states rather than to richer countries in the North. Globalization has had an effect to the migration of people from their countries to others. This is caused by the rise of sophisticated modern transportation systems and the crucial network which make it easier and cheaper for people to move from one place to another. Thus far, the social and cultural dimension…show more content…
There is also an issues of cultural identity which also causes social bitterness amongst people. When individuals come together they communicate with each other in certain habits and rendering to certain cultural traditions. Social identity which means the fitting to a certain individuals or cultures, and it is gradually plays a noteworthy role in framing individual and collective attitudes and in the presence or elimination of people into numerous cultural environments. These cultural features might take different methods and have different influences on relations between different personalities and groups, and particularly between hosting communities and refugees when it comes to linguistic, clothing code, cooking habits and national

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