How Does Miss Maudie Define Courage

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What is the definition of the word courage? Does a courageous person fight a hard battle, or do they stay strong mentally even when they know they might not succeed in the end. In the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the theme she weaves throughout the book is that courage is when you push through something even though you know that you might not succeed in the end. In the book, Lee does a great job of supporting her theme with many dynamic characters who have many courageous qualities. Mrs. Dubose, Miss Maudie, and Atticus all have courageous characteristics that are described in the book. Mrs. Dubose is courageous when battling her morphine addiction because she fights even though she knows she might not win. Miss Maudie doesn't cry when her house burns down. Atticus keeps his head high even when the whole town is against him for defending a black man. These fearless characters play important roles to show Lee's great theme through the novel. In the novel, Mrs. Dubose is a cranky…show more content…
In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, her definition of courage is that courage isn't always physical strength. It's when you work through tough tasks despite the possible negative outcome. Lee portrays her definition of courage throughout the story and with these diverse characters. Ms. Dubose fights her morphine addiction. Miss Maudie stays optimistic when her house burns down. Atticus defends Tom Robinson and fights the lynch mob despite the town's prejudice and believes. Within every person lies their own definition of the flexible word courage. Lee believed that anyone who pushed their boundaries was courageous. Many people in the world fit this mold. People with terminal illnesses deal with this kind of bravery every day, for they push and push for their survival. These courageous people make the world a better place for others and are great role models for people who need
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