How Does Miss Maudie Show Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ shows the trial of Tom Robinson, an innocent black man through the eyes of the young, eight year old narrator by the name of Scout Finch. Atticus, her father and Tom’s lawyer, goes against society’s expectations and beliefs as he valiantly defends both Tom and his own ideology. Lee uses characters like Mrs Dubose, Miss Maudie, Atticus and their actions to show the audience that courage is not just “a man with a gun in his hand.” (pg.149) A sampling of each characters actions throughout the novel will be analysed with relations to the recurring theme of personal, social, and moral courage. Mrs. Dubose is an old, bad-tempered and racist woman who lives close to the Finches. Throughout the novel she constantly shouts at Scout and Jem when they pass by. One day in particular, she insults Atticus. As a result Jem bursts out into a furious rampage, destroying her camellias. Jem was then forced by Atticus to apologize and read to her daily in the afternoons. Occasionally during these readings Mrs. Dubose would break out into fits. Unbeknown to the children was that Mrs Dubose had a severe addiction to morphine. Jem was unwittingly staying longer and longer each day and helping Mrs Dubose keep her mind distracted from her cravings…show more content…
He chooses to stand up to everyone including his friends and even family for the sake for what he thinks is right. He is the pillar of strength for all those who would join him in his struggle against the tyranny of racism. Through his words and actions, Atticus attempts to make people realise that unless you "climb into someone 's skin and walk around in it"(Atticus, P.30), you can’t judge them or their actions. Not only does Atticus disregard that fact that he is risking his career and family name by taking Tom Robinson 's case, he defends Tom fiercely, wrestling against the predetermined norms of Maycomb. “"Atticus, are we
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