How Does Miss Maudie Show Courage Shown In To Kill A Mockingbird

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1. Scout admires Miss Maudie because of her honesty.
2. Atticus accepted the job to defend Tom Robinson because he believes in equality and that everyone should be treated equally. He is trying to get everyone in the town of Maycomb to treat everyone equally.
3. scout fights with Cecil Jacobs and Francis because they are making fun of her father.
4. Aunt Alexandra disapproves of scout because she doesn 't like her friends and how she dresses.
5. Uncle Jake later regrets punishing Scout because she never told her side of the story.
6. Calpurnia scolds Scout for questioning Walter 's eating habits.
7. Miss Caroline told scout to stop reading with her father.
8. Miss Maudie 's house catches on fire.
9. When Jem went back to get his pants
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Atticus 's parenting style is very fair. Atticus is a lawyer therefore he tries to make everything equal in his family. He makes his kids call him by Atticus instead of Dad because he wants to show equality. Atticus also gives his kids harsh consequences. He try 's his best to show a good example so his kids are good adults when they grow up. He is very motivating and pushes his kids to do different things. He is also very loving and is always there for his kids.
13. The childhood world of Jem, Scout, and Dill is easygoing. Even though it is laid back they still have rules like every kid and adult. Their relationship with Boo Radley was weird. The three kids even invented a game after Boo Radley. Yet, they all are scared of him. Jem, Scout, and Dill all are scared of Boo Radley and they still want to see what he looks like. After the kids find the gifts in the tree, they think that Mr. Radley isn 't scary after all. The kids think that he 's scary but nice.
14. Scout and Jem keep finding gifts in the Knot-hole tree but they don 't know who keeps giving them to them. They receive metal, gum, and also a soap sculpture. They later find a pocket watch that doesn 't work. The kids never knew who gave them the gifts but the gifts started to disappear after the whole was filled up by Mr. Radley. Mr. Radley said that the tree was about to die and that the whole needed to be filled up with cement. I think that these gifts will play a big part of the plot and will come up
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